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Mint Organics will be the preferred choice for physicians and patients looking for professional grade medical cannabis solutions. We will provide access to the highest quality products in multiple modalities and deliver cutting edge education on proper use in a secure modern and welcoming environment.

About Mint Organics

• Subsidiary of BPSR, a publicly traded biotechnology firm with a history of operating in highly regulated and transparent environments

• Management has been bringing new high technology to consumer markets since 1984

• Experts in developing distribution solutions nationally and internationally

• Has key relationships in medical cannabis business

• Has large network of physicians within through BPSR

Why Mint Organics?

Mint plans on creating nearly 200 new jobs throughout Florida with up to 20 MMTC

• Reinvesting into our local communities will help to bridge critical funding gaps

• New jobs will be higher skilled and significant training will be provided resulting in higher wages

• Growth of a safe professional source for medical cannabis will help push criminal elements out of local communities

• Physician outreach program will ensure compliance and eliminate abuse

• Our unique program will provide access to administer treatment to resident patients at hospices and rehabilitation centers

• Mint is a proud sponsoring member of the National Cannabis Industry Association

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